Serial MIDI Converter
for Windows

Get your computer’s serial port talking with your MIDI software and hardware

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Serial MIDI Converter Description

The Serial - MIDI converter (SM = Serial MIDI Converter) is a software solution to get your computer’s serial port (or virtual serial port over USB) talking with your MIDI software and hardware.

Normally, to use an Arduino or other micro-controller with your MIDI software you had to build a MIDI-in and MIDI-out circuit with a few parts and an opto-coupler. Easy enough, but then you would typically need a MIDI to USB adaptor to Connect it to your computer.

With the SM and a board like you the Arduino with USB, you don’t need any other hardware to get your Arduino to play music with software such as Apple’s GarageBand or Ableton’s Live !

What it does:
Once the SM is configured it will;

1.Take “MIDI” incoming serial data and forward it to the desired MIDI port.
2.Take MIDI data coming from the chosen MIDI port and forward it out of the serial port.

What can you do with it;

1.Build a drum machine
2.Build a keyboard
3.Build a completely new type of musical instrument
4.Make a score that controls bells and tapping solenoids
5.Make a score that flashes lights and triggers special effects
6.Send data from your existing MIDI controller out to a serial device
7. etc ...

The MIDI-IN and MIDI-Out ports do not have to be same. For example, lets say you have an Arduino connected to sensors and visual effects, an external MIDI keyboard and Ableton Live software. You could send the Arduino’s sensor data to Live to play sounds and at the same time you could have the keyboards MIDI input routed back to the Arduino to activate visual effects !

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Serial MIDI Converter Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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